about me

My love of nature and jewelry started at an early age. Our family would take vacations to the National Parks and oceans and I was always struck by the variety of countryside, mountains, trees, animals and birds. For jewelry, I am told that when I visited a neighbor’s yard sale as a little girl, I came back with a necklace.

Fast forward to today, my appreciation of the majesty of nature and ways to express beauty in jewelry design is much more in depth. I love to match the two! I search for photos of nature that evoke a sense of awe-inspired beauty and emotion. I am often surprised by the unexpected color combinations. Then, I carefully choose gemstones, metal components and Czech glass and create jewelry that capture the colors, movement and textures of the Nature Scapes.

With nature, the possibilities are endless and thus so are my jewelry design options. I love it when people tell me that my jewelry captured the essence of the nature photo. I hope you enjoy my creations as well.

About My Jewelry

All my jewelry is handmade. I am the artist and designer.

I use a variety of gemstones such as mookaite, fancy jasper, quartz, amazonite and much more. I also use a great deal of Czech glass with varied textures and finishes as needed to match the Nature Scapes photo.

My bracelets come in many styles: simple stackable, memory wire, loomed, woven, hand-knotted, macramé and stretch. I often use a unique button clasp to match the Nature Scapes photo.

My earring styles include wire-wrapped briolette, beaded hoop, stitched seed bead, cluster, levitating and much more.